About Us

an Aura Technologies LTD Company

PUP, Pickup Point, & pupoint.com is a Brand name owned by Aura Technologies LTD, a technology company that is building a social network to ship & deliver anything, anywhere!

Who we serve?

PUP is a Local ship & deliver app made by Aura Technologies LTD, based in the UK and operating in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

We deliver our Customers' packages.
Drivers makes money on their free time.
Merchant can partner with us for their shipping needs.


With thousands of PUP Pickup Point at your fingertips, PUP helps moving all your deliveries at a very Easy, Affordable rates.


Delivering with PUP means earning money when and how you want. Long term or for a goal, and do it all on your own terms.


Reach new customers, market your store, and grow your business by offering delivery, pickup, and direct online ordering with PUP.


Download the PUP App today

Download PUP App, The PUP Delivery App.

Get reduced shipping & delivery costs your shippments. You can also use the App to submit claims and so much more.

View your shipments.
Find delivery rates and much more.

A subsidiary of Aura Technologies LTD, a registered company in IT Services in the UK. PUP is a social network to ship & deliver anything, anywhere!
Aura Technologies SARL registered in Lebanon, represneting Aura Technologies LTD.

Aura Technologies LTD's vision is to expand around the world, going to the UK, Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbajian, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Romania, Crotia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, North macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Czechia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Netherland, Uzbakistan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and others.