Prohibited items

Prohibited items

PUP will not ship any item that is prohibited by any law, regulation, state, or local government. Below is a general list of materials that are strictly prohibited.

Explosives including fireworks
Firearms and firearm accessories: including but not limited to ammunition, dismantled firearms, vision enhancement/zooming equipment, precision and aiming equipment and distance measurement equipment
Gases: aerosol cans, cigarette lighters, camping gas cylinders - full or empty, fire extinguishers, etc
Flammable liquids and solids: paint, alcohol, perfume, matches, petrol, kerosene, cleaning fluids, etc
Combustible substances: matches, etc
Toxic, poisonous, and infectious substances: pesticides, infected blood, etc
Irritating substances
Corrosives: mercury - including thermometers, bleach, nail polish and remover, nitric acids, battery fluids, etc
Oxidizing substances: hair dye, disinfectants, fertilizers, etc
Radioactive substances
Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles like: dry ice, strong magnetized material, etc

Others Prohibited items

Live or dead animals
Hazardous cosmetics and creams
All Liquids (also oils included in machine parts, etc.)
Items and substances, the possession or use of which is prohibited by law
Articles of exceptional value: like jewelry, precious metals and stones, diamonds, works of art, antiques, etc


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